Back Story

So here it is.

Amy Kay Made My Day. You could say that the name of this blog was an accident. But for those of us who have watched Kung Fu Panda (400 times at least) with the kids, we know that “there are no accidents”.

I know this amazing individual. I would like to call her my friend, but that term “my” seems somehow too possessive for such a free spirited person. Whatever she is she is her own and no one else’s. Anyway we really like each other, and we make each other laugh. She is a writer and an adventurer. Someone who is living her personal dream. Her life keeps my soul afloat. Knowing that there really are people out there who are like her. People born into normal circumstances in a normal family in a normal society, who are living in an extraordinary way.  The traveler in my soul has found a home on her shoulder and she isn’t asking rent. She is out there. Cutting the crap, making like Nike and just DOING it!

Anyway she has been bugging the crap out of me to start my own blog. Then today she made this little picture and posted it on my wall. It said “Amy Kay Made My Day”.

And that was that. I loved it. She had no idea that I would grab that very phrase and make it my personal blogging home base. But it is somehow exactly right. What more could I ask for? It’s simple, it’s catchy and it rhymes!

And so Amy Kay Made My Day is born. What is it all about? Well its right there in the title, whatever makes my day. That’s what I want to put out there. Hopefully some other people will like it too. I don’t really mind either way. I am just happy to have somewhere to air the ramblings of my strange and overactive mind.

For more about my globetrotting friend, visit ‘” .

Although I think she needs to start  a new chapter, based on her favorite movie and called “Into the East”. Just be sure and pack enough rice, babe!


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