Real men wear sparkly pink sequins!

I am always hearing people say that it’s the little things in life that life that matter most. In fact I am often known to be saying the same thing.

That you have to find joy in the small things. I am forever spouting that kind of motivational, self-help book nonsense, while the cynical little voice in my head is doubled over in a fit of sarcastic guffaws.

And yet it’s true!

Today I was rushing along the highway back to work after having dropped the kids at home with their nanny after school (my lunch times are entirely dominated by my children’s school and extra mural schedules. Eating at meal times is clearly a luxury reserved for non-parents) when I noticed a man walking along the side of the road.

Nothing strange there. There are always people walking along that stretch. But I did a little double take as I realized what it was about him that had caught my eye. Here was a tall, African man, walking along the road in what looked like your usual Rastafarian type garb. He was wearing a sack cloth that had been fashioned into a kind of long waist coat, non-descript pants and shirt, all very man of the cloth, but on top of his head was a most extraordinary bright pink sequined top hat!

He was walking with his head held high, his back straight and a kind of proud, joyful gait.

It was actually that relaxed, confident walk that first grabbed my attention. It was a moment later that my mind registered the peculiarity of the high top hat that was glittering so pinkly in the sun! You see this guy was so confident in himself, so at ease, that at first the hat seemed the most natural thing in the world for a sack-cloth donning Rastafarian to be wearing.  Then it occurred to me that sack cloth wearing Rasta men don’t usually style their cloth into long waist coats, either.

Yet there he was, striding along the road side like the cat who ate the cream, in wild man coat and even wilder Pink Sequined Top hat! Though I had probably less than a minute in which to observe this guy his whole demeanour was summed up in the way he held himself. This guy was proud of who he was. He was happy, and boy was he working that hat!

I have no idea who is, where he was going or why he had his head adorned in such glittering splendour, but he was and is the random thing that made my day!


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