Furry Love

I am in the middle of some serious writing work.

I have been trying to find the exact right way to express a subtle and complex emotional state.

In the midst of my brain wracking I look up, and what do I see? A very regal and blissed out black and white cat, curled around a stack of folded clothes on my shelf in a most precarious balancing act.

Is she perturbed by the balancing stacks of laundry and books that she has squeezed between? No.

She is fast asleep. Of course. Although  i cant be 100% sure, because she has such a smug look on her face that it’s hard to believe it is not there without conscious effort.

It’s amazing how warm my heart feels looking at that happy sleeping fuzz ball. I can’t help but break out into a great big smile. And that’s when it hits me.

Stop over complicating things. Life is simple. Emotions are easy. If your tummy is happy and you have a warm place to sleep and are lucky enough to have anyone in your life who loves you, even if it’s a black and white cat named Delilah, then you have every reason to have the smug smile of a sleeping cat. To be happy.

She may just have made my day.


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