Jammer om vir jou kak te hoor

It’s funny how sometimes you meet someone who is innately negative.

You trundle along doing your thing, trying to keep your head above water. Living life as best as you can, fitting in as much of the good stuff as you can and ignoring the not so good stuff as far as possible.

Then every now and then you will realise that some of those things that you are doing are actually out of the ordinary. In fact some might even call those things that you do or the way you live your life remarkable.  You have been far too busy following what is important to you to notice that you have a remarkable life, until someone else does. You think, No, but I am just doing my thing here, nothing overly fabulous. I am not famous or rich or wildly successful. I am just, in fact, to a greater or lesser degree living my truth.


Unfortunately the people who notice are not always fans.  Sometimes people feel so threatened by those who are packing joy into their lives by the bucket load that they have to find a way to pull it down.

Today my friend arrived at Storms River after cycling there from Knysna via Natures Valley. It’s a 200 km bike ride. She is in the middle of a 420km bike ride, carrying her tent and mattress and off she goes on her trusty old bicycle, Koos. She is not a fitness fanatic or even a cyclist type, but she is doing it in spite of other people’s preconceived ideas about who should and should not pull off a cross country, province hopping cycle. And I dare say she is nailing it, like a boss! So what happens, she gets to her designated over night spot, checks in at a back packers, and is attacked by a woman a few years older than her for daring to do something so amazing!

This lady was so adamant that my friend enjoy her health now before she starts to rot with age that she became very upset when my friend said that it was not too late for her to do things like this. (the woman in question was only in her mid-forties). When she eventually couldn’t argue any valid reason for herself not being able to do as she pleased and could not explain her anger at my friend she made a rude comment and stormed off. All I can say is, to my friend who stood her ground, power to your elbows girl!

God only knows that if you really are that happy with the little bit that you have, then the haters actually have no excuse not to be happy and healthy in all of their abundance. The haters HATE that! Now because taking responsibility for their lives is far too scary they make excuses. They need valid reasons for their status quo. We all do, happy and miserable alike. But the miserable people, unfortunately, don’t want to take responsibility for how they feel. So what do they do when you come along, happy, fit and healthy in spite of circumstances? They try to make it “not so”. They start with “but you can’t really be happy”. They try to lure you in with things like “it must be so hard for you, you are putting on such a brave face”. If you then refuse this line of thought and insist that you really are very happy, well they don’t like it.

If all of their attempts to pull down your life don’t work, they will start on the excuses as to why they are not able to be happy / fit / healthy like you are. There are far too many to list. My personal worsts are “too old” and “not enough time”. People in denial are not very inventive with their excuses.

I find it very sad when someone writes themselves off.

When they convince themselves so thoroughly that they can’t be happy, or healthy for whatever reason. Or that they are just waiting for some specific thing to happen and then they can start to be happy or get fit.

I have a simple message for you all: be happy now. Happiness is a choice that you make. A choice about how you look at life and what you choose to do with it.

If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV.

Time is about commitment and priorities. There is always time to get fit, and you have to start today if you want to see results in six months’ time.  Get up a half hour earlier. Life is never going to get less busy. Whenever I feel unmotivated or like I just can’t exercise I think of a guy I saw running the local marathon with a prosthetic leg. And I think to myself “what’s your excuse then?”.

There are no excuses that can change your body!

 Anyway. For me it is not about what I Look like at all.  Many people don’t believe that, and that’s fine, they don’t have to.  What is important to me is quality of life. That is how fitness and happiness got mixed into the same post. Feeling strong makes me feel happy. Exercise releases precious endorphins that I can’t get by without. It makes me happy and more able to cope mentally. It’s a major stress reliever. And it gives you energy.  

I am single mother of two. I earn a borderline basic salary. I train capoeira two evening a week and I train at home four mornings a week minimum, unless I am feeling tired, then I train more. So being too old, too broke, too tired and not having time to exercise, well that is actually bullshit!

As for happiness, well. I have as much to make me miserable as the next person. What I am more interested in is how much I have to make me grateful. How much I have to make me happy. it’s not about where I live or what I earn, or even how much time I have to spend with my loved and cherished ones, it’s about what I choose to do with the time that I do have. It’s about what I choose to focus on.

You choose what you will do with the time that you do have. You choose what you will focus on in your daily thoughts. You choose to be happy. or you choose not to be. Either way, you choose.

There is a little Chinese Proverb that I really like. It goes like this: He who says something is impossible should not get in the way of the one who is busy doing it.

I like that.





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