Oh how I love coffee, oh how I love coffee, oh how I love coffee because it first loved me!

There are no words to describe how I feel about my morning coffee, but I will try and find some anyway, because coffee is far too important to me to be overlooked.

Good coffee. Real coffee. It is the fuel, the spark, the driving force behind the waking world.

The other morning I was running late and I skipped my usual eye-opening cup of finest dark roast filter coffee. I figured it would be okay because I would have a cup of instant at the office anyway. Big mistake. Huge. A few hours later I was sitting at my P.C. and I started to get really worried about myself. I couldn’t focus. I felt off. I felt grainy and hazy and down right depressed. I must be getting sick, I thought. Why else would feel so incapable? Why would I feel so tired and slow and fuzzy? I was just off.

Then I realized, I hadn’t had a cup of filter coffee today! I had made an instant when I came into the office, but had not had a real cup of coffee yet. S o I set out to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. I made a plan and I got my strong hot filter into my system. It was like a light turning on my head. Ping! Suddenly I was on top of my game. I felt my creative juices bursting into techni-colour and all of my will power, drive and life force rush back into my life! I was me again! I was a capable, positive, happy human being! Just like that. Not wanting to play around with my work ethic or take any chances with my sanity I made sure that I followed it up with  a second cuppa, just in case.

Does this mean that I have an addition and a dependency?  It is entirely possible. But I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs, I don’t go out, I don’t binge on bad foods (much) I have to have one little vice, right?

I had known before that I enjoy my coffee but having only mediocre coffee for a morning made me realise just how much the quality of my coffee effects the quality of my thoughts.

Mediocre coffee almost sent me into a full blown depression!

That was when I had an epiphany: The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life, the quality of your coffee determines the quality of your thoughts, so drink good coffee.

Because bad coffee could ruin your life!Image


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