Stormy weather

I love thunderstorms. There is just something about them.

They have a way of hyper charging the atmosphere and electrifying things (no pun intended).

I can’t help but be filled with a girlish excitement whenever it storms. It’s like the very air around us is energetic. and everything always seems so green after a storm too. I am sure that the scientific explanation types will have snort and cough at my expense, but it’s like the air is full of magic.

In fact whenever I see that insane storm glow I am reminded of the title of that old Pratchet book, the colour of magic. If magic has a colour I am pretty sure that is it.

I have this intense sense that the gods are interfering when it storms, that things can change for the better, tables can turn, wishes can come true and you can change your fate. They always seem to mark big events in my life. I have had a number of extreme life experiences that have been punctuated by thunderstorms. Everything from deaths to conceptions and a few close calls too.

Actually now that I think about it, given the mitigating circumstances perhaps I should be wearier of them!  They definitely seem to herald change for me.

If you are wondering if I am one of those silly girls who dance around naked in the electric downpour, well, I suppose I have done a bit of that in my time. Although I may not have gone to such extremes in recent years I must admit that I can’t resist stepping out for a few minutes and turning my face to the sky when those first big fat drops start to fall. I can’t help it. I just love thunderstorms.

Last week we had some pretty heavy weather. Major storms, lightning and general showing off by the elements took place for several days. Unfortunately my leaky old house is not as enthusiastic about storms as I am. After the third or fourth of water dripping onto my toes in the night and running down the walls even I started to feel that points had been made and perhaps it was time for the sun to come out.  The amount of water inside the walls was too much, and my electrics gave up.

At the time that the electrics kicked it I was at work, and so it was well after five when I came home to my surprise, to find two disgruntled children and a nanny who had survived the day without power. Why no one thought to call me I am still uncertain.

So here stands me, powerless (ha ha) wondering if I can find an electrician at a quarter to six in the evening and what it will set me back, when who should drive up next door, but a retired old electrician friend of my mother’s (whom she hasn’t seen in months), come to borrow some insulation tape.

can I just say that faith and God (or the powers of the universe or whatever you like to call it) really do work in amazing ways.

Colin, this darling old dude, not only fixed up my electricity in a hap-hazard fashion for that evening, but 2 days later when it had dried out somewhat, he came back and fixed up everything. Even plugs and lights that haven’t worked the entire time I have lived in my funny little ramshackle house. And he didn’t ask a dime. I eventually managed to give him a slab of chocolate for his trouble.

Why? Because he could see that here is a single mom who does not have the cash for an electrician right now. Because he is human too and has also lived a full and real life. Because the universe is good, and when you live by faith and good will from day to day it can be remarkably effective too.

So I still love the storms. I am not scared of them. I know that whatever the universe does has a rhyme and a reason as long as I trust in the process.

And I must say it made my day.



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