Work Ethics

I do quite a lot of driving around in my job.

I do quite a lot of driving personally too, between my kids and my work I get to spending plenty of time on the road. Our roads are actually a lot busier than you would expect for a supposedly small town.  The town has grown in population in the last few years and the infrastructure just isn’t there to cope with all the traffic.


To make things easier our local traffic control has placed Traffic marshals at most of the heavy traffic areas, over the heaviest traffic times.

These guys are a God send, because they make sure that the traffic keeps moving and no one ever has to wait too long for their turn.

Now because I drive so much I have gotten to know the faces of two of these guys and they know me. I felt so silly for driving past them so many times a day that I started smiling at them a few months ago. They smile back. In fact now we smile and wave at each other every time I drive up George Rex drive and into main. Which is a lot.

The main dude always makes eye contact and really smiles. He looks happy to see me.

Watching this pair of guys the last few months I have begun to notice something about them. They work in the rain, the scorching sun, all hours of the day and they are always always on the most amazing buzz! They direct that traffic like it is the best fun thing in the world to do. They direct traffic like there is nowhere else that they would rather be. They have bounce, they have flair and they have energy.

You can see the people who drive that way often because at least one in four people have the same nod, smile and greet with them as they go past as I do. You just can’t help but be happy when you drive past these two guys. They make you feel special because they know your face, and always smile and are always so vibey! We love them.

Then this morning on my way to work I saw what must be the ultimate thing for any person in a position of authority.  I was first in line to stop and wait for oncoming traffic to come through before I could turn. As I sat there and the line that had been waiting started to move, the driver of the first car stuck his hand out the window and high fived the traffic marshal. And then car after car almost every driver stuck their arm out and gave this guy a high five as they drove past him.

He was beaming! He was so happy, and it is because these guys are on such a great buzz all the time.

He was being saluted by a completely random selection of road users, locals, who all wanted to say the same thing, “Job well done, you rock traffic guy, we love having you here!” It really made my day.


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