It’s a funny thing about Tea.

No matter what is going on in the world there is no problem that can’t be helped (if not fixed) by a cup of tea.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a coffee lover and a coffee drinker extraordinaire. As I have mentioned in past posts coffee is the gasoline of life. But if coffee is the gasoline of life then Tea is the Q20. Let’s face it that shit can fix most anything.

When someone is in shock, we make them a cup of tea. When someone finds out that their parrot, best friend, husband just died, you make them tea. Not coffee, not brandy, tea. I don’t know if it’s the time out that they need or the sweetness or the heat but somehow things are always that teensy bit more bearable after a cup of tea. A cup of tea with a good friend is worth a bottle of valium and a month of therapy combined (and will cost you a whole lot less)!

There are as many different kinds of tea as there are different situations to drink them in.

There are teas to sooth, Tea’s to heal, Tea’s to energise and revitalise and teas to relax and calm.

There are spicy teas and mild teas. There are eccentric teas and conservative teas. There are wild eastern teas with damn near magical powers and stayed stuffy western teas and everything from shamanic brews to Five Roses.

What’s more is that there are teas from every continent. Every culture has its tea in some form or another. Plants that are infused in hot water with the intent of bringing wellbeing to the drinker (well unless its poisoned, obviously)

Good Tea takes Time.

It takes time to make tea and time to drink it. There is a possibility that it is the time and care that go into making and drinking tea that make it the magic trick that it is. It could be chemical, it could be the sugar and plant extracts. Freudians may argue that it has something to do with the warmth of the breast or something. I am sure that as with God and religion, tea can be argued in any direction according to your beliefs.

Personally I think that it is a little bit magical. I think that it has to do with the intention behind the brewing of the tea, the energy and love with which it is made and the magical properties of the plants involved. But mostly I think it is just in the very nature of Tea itself to be fixer and a healer.

Tea wants to make things better!

By the time you have had that cup of tea you will be feeling a little stronger and a little braver one way or another.  All in all a little bit better. Unless of course you really were after a cup of coffee all along, but someone kindly brought you tea instead. I that case the soothing sensation will be irritating you no end. If that is the case head for the java my friend and read my post on Coffee….

(Although sometimes you think you want coffee but then the tea arrives and it is exactly perfect – I guess you never know which way it will go – I reckon if you have someone else bringing you any kind of hot beverage you should be grateful)

There is after all a time and place for all of the good things in this life.



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