Everything is going to be Okay

Everything is goingto be Okay

I was rushing around for work the other day, juggling all manner of things from looking for obscure items for the CEO’s big pitch the next day (I work at an Ad agency, madness is the status quo) to remembering to pick up kids from school, while in the backburner of my mind wondering how I was going to meet all of my commitments and when I will ever get time to work on my book.
My mind was racing with all kinds of things and I was feeling a little stretched. A little bit worn out, I dashed over the road, climbed two stairs onto pavement and that is when I saw it. I saw this graffiti spray painted on the wall that said “Everything is going to OK”

I felt like someone had just handed me a present. It lifted my soul so high above everything that was worrying me. In that moment I knew that it is true. Everything is going to be ok. I just have to keep believing. I have to keep sight of what is important to me, what my goals are and what I have already achieved. I have to remember that I am special. That I am beautiful. Not magazine beautiful, but the kind of beautiful that you become when you see the beauty in everything around you and the magic in the common place things.
And that the world is full of beautiful people. People who make the world good. People who will spray paint public walls with messages of hope.
Since then I have noticed a few more of those signs around town. Someone is intent on letting us know that things are going to be ok. Every time I see one of those signs around town It makes me smile. I take a deep breath and I let it go again, and I feel okay! It fills me with hope for humanity, actually, not just myself. Maybe the novelty will wear off in time, but for now I have to say, they just keep making my day.


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