Dinky Cars


Little boys are wonderful things.

You often hear people complaining about their sons.

How they are always breaking things. How they are eating them out of house and home. How they are mischievous, loud, smelly, messy, clumsy, messy, and exhausting.

For the non-parent this must seem daunting. The very idea of having a little boy seems unfathomable to the childless young woman. If asked most of them will tell you that they hope to have girls. And girls are certainly lovely; I have one myself so I can vouch for them.

But if you look closely at those mothers who are complaining about their boys you will notice that they are (for the most part) glowing with pride as they tell of their son’s wild antics. There is actually a satisfaction in the faces of the mommies of busy boys that may be illogical, but it is none the less there.

You see what so many complaining mothers of boys neglect to tell you, is that they are an absolute pleasure.

There is something so pure and so beautiful about playing with a little boy. They have such simple desires and are really so very easy to please.

If you can make it go “whoosh!”, throw it, zoom it, squish it or take it apart (or knock it down) they are happy.

They are the easiest customers in the world. All they really need is a little bit of attention and shove in the right direction and they will play happily for hours.

When I used to teach pre-schoolers I made an observation, over time, which I have always fallen back on when trying to highlight the difference between little boys and little girls.

When playing with Dinky cars, the little girls would attach elaborate stories and whole lives to the imaginary occupants of the cars. They would tell me how this car has a mommy in it who is going to buy juice for the children who are at swimming and then they are all going to drive to the beach to see the seagulls who need to be fed, etc., etc.

The little boys, playing happily alongside the girls were occupied by one, singular and unwavering thought while pushing that car along. It was “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm”.

That’s it.

And they are so happy. So completely satisfied with life at that moment, because they are actually living in that moment. They were driving fast cars. Finished. No validation required.

I think most adults and especially most women could learn a lot from the average three year old boy playing with Dinky cars. They would learn not to over think things. They would learn to enjoy the moment. They would learn to let go and have faith that everything is going to be okay.

I am not suggesting that we shirk responsibility or stop planning for the future.  But I do think that if we took time out every day to experience joy without validation or purpose, that we would all lead much happier lives.

Luckily for me I am blessed enough to have a three year old boy of my very own. And although I may not have as much time as I would like to play, I am forced to find a few minutes to live in the peace and happiness of the moment every day with him.


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