a friend in times of stupidity and scorn is a friend indeed…..

The days are full of meaningless rushing from one meaningless task to another.

We find ourselves apologising for taking time away from the meaningless ness to spend a few moments doing something real, like talking to your children in the car while you fetch them from school and are rushing them home so that you can go back to work.

To do things that no one will remember.

I find myself driving. Always driving somewhere for something, but it gives me little snippets of time to think about what’s real, about what matters.

Today I found myself in tears over that steering wheel for being such a fool, such a fool. How can one person make so many bad choices? Do so many things wrong?

I push it away. Focus on the meaningless little that needs to be done with such urgency.

And then I am reminded of friendship. What a friend is. I receive a message out of the blue from a friend who instead of scolding me or laughing at me for my foolish hopefulness, my painfully foolish desire to believe in the good in people, he congratulates me. He commends me, for my bravery.  He congratulates me for having a soft heart in a hard world. It stops me. I may be foolish, but I am brave, and I have friends who see me for who I am and I love them for it, for just being able to see me.

When you find someone who sees you and loves you for you are, you will find also that you can never judge them for being who they are.  

Thank you for seeing me today, when I felt invisible. You made my day.


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