Sex Appeal

I find nothing sexier than a fantastic mind

It’s never easy to meet someone. This is commonly accepted. Although there do seem to be those who don’t have any trouble at all, most of us find that as twenty becomes a distant shore and thirty is flying towards you like a bad clown fired form a circus cannon, meeting someone special becomes the stuff of cheap novels.

Add to that singledom and two children and we are talking romantic science fiction.

And yet I have the cheek to have a check list of sorts when it comes to sizing up a guy.

Mostly the list is crap. It’s funny; it’s something you throw around with the girls for a laugh. But I have realised that there is one thing that grabs my attention time and again, intelligence.

A man can have all the brawn you can ask for, the biceps, the tall, the dark, the handsome, even the big car if that floats your boat, but let him be of ordinary mind and I just can’t get myself into it.

What really gets me hot under the collar is a sparkle in the eye. A sparkle of intelligence. Add to that kindness and a sense of humour and we are really talking.

Now a common mistake is to mistake morose laziness for intelligence. Truly intelligent men don’t sit indoors all day wearing black and listening to radio head because they are complicated. That is a mistake most girls make as teens at least once. Don’t do it girls! And for goodness sake don’t marry him!

Intelligent men also don’t overdose on drugs and stimulants to help ease the pain of their brilliance. Once again girls, don’t marry this man!

Intelligent men know how to hold a conversation where they don’t have to agree or try to have their point of view somehow “win”. Intelligent men enjoy an intelligent conversation for its own sake. They also look after themselves physically, isn’t that what clever people do? This is man who can laugh at himself, and make you laugh with him. This is man who tips the waitress and the car guard, because he values them as human beings. This is man who has a twinkle, a sparkle, in his eyes.

He loves his wife, if he has one. He loves his dog, too. He is up for a bit if adventure but not the kind documented in jackass.  He is sexy by extension. What is in his head overflows onto his face and into his mannerisms. He is seldom the loudest guy at the party.

Sometimes he is a good guy, other times he isn’t. But he is a clever guy.  That is not to say that he always has a clever answer to everything, oh no! a wise man doesn’t have a clever answer to everything.

What is so distressing is how very few of them there seem to be. They seem to be an elite model. The manufactures only send out one or two of these a year, so when you find one in your age group the chances are very high that he will either be taken, or gay, or both.

Go figure.


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