(Good) Shit Happens

It’s been a crazy two weeks and I feel like I simply HAVE to write something on this dusty key board about all of the mind blowingly cool stuff that is going on.

It may not be profound, it may not be clever, but it sure is awesome.

I have to start by making a small note of the fact that I am a true believer in the law of attraction.

Or if you prefer, the idea of visualising things into being, thoughts become things, etc, etc.

That said I have been trying to overcome my predisposition to depression, paranoia and flat panic. Because it stands to reason that if you believe that what you continuously think and feel will manifest itself into being but you are continuously terrified and self-berating you are on a wobbly road.


Happy thoughts.

I have been raided by Baboons twice in the last nine days. I am pretty certain that the second raid was directly due to me telling my friend (in jest I swear!) That Karma can kiss my ass (It’s a long story and involves me having a rare moment of bitchiness) Anyway, it seems Karma can’t take a joke.

BUT! Ha ha! In spite of my house being trashed and my food supplies being destroyed, eaten and mixed into my shampoo (on my bed), I was not as bad off as one might think. Because my employers immediately and without question or hesitation put enough money into my bank account to replace everything. Big Wow.

Next the owner of the panel beating shop next door to our offices decided to make me his random act of kindness for the year and gave my car a full service, new radiator, wiper blades and took out all of the dents, sprayed the bumper and Valeted the entire thing, during which time I had the use of the company car. Super big wow.  (I have also recently been given two new tyres by the co- worker and neighbour who I drive to work every day)

Next, after two and half years of living with a leaky roof and dodgy electrics my land lord suddenly decided to send the contractors in to fix it up. The roof will be done today and the electrics soon, hopefully. If I can just convince them to restore the second bedroom to an actual bedroom instead of a store room I will be very much sorted for a while!

I have an overwhelming sense of being blessed.  Feeling loved and most of all Huge Gratitude.

Needless to say I will be off to buy a lottery ticket in the morning……


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