Puppy Love

A lovely young couple who I have the pleasure of working with recently adopted a pitbull puppy.

They saved this little guy from being trained in to a fighting dog like his brothers and sisters will be, and they brought him home and named him Loki.

Loki is only six weeks old and so they had to bring him to work for the first few days.

Now you may think that most bosses and professional operations such as my place of work would not approve of having a puppy in the office.

You could expect a raised eyebrow or two from your co-workers if you arrived at work and put down newsprint in your office for your new puppy to pee on, right?


Well that Is absolutely not the case in this instance. I have never seen a group of twenty people all completely fall in love so instantly.

Maybe it’s our cool work ethic, maybe it’s just Loki.

Whatever it is everyone loves him, and he has completely stolen my heart.  The moment he lifted his little puppy breath nose to my face the first time I was completely lost to this guy.  There is something about the complete love and trust and vulnerability of a little dog that just cuts through every layer of your personal crap and leaves you no choice but to love him, unconditionally and forever.

On Loki’s second day in the office I hit a wobble towards the end of the day. It had been a severely busy day and I was well beyond being able to speak to another human being. I was tired, stressed out, and quite honestly feeling like I may have been verging on some kind of emotional breakdown and / or panic attack (possibly caffeine induced) when I had this insight. I knew exactly what I needed to do!


 I took my self down the stairs to the design team, let myself into their office, parked my posterior on the floor and pulled Loki into my lap. After just a few minutes of stroking this irresistible little dude he fell asleep in my lap and I felt like a different person. Completely calm. Completely at peace with the moment I was in. It was like rebooting my equilibrium.


I have noticed that most of the staff are making a lot of extra trips to that office at the moment, and everyone is kind of rustig with each other in spite of the huge amount of work being done. He is an instant “pick-me-up” even for the non pet lovers. This dog brings out the humanity in the people around him better than anything I have experienced. He is a uniting force.

I think that every successful business should have an office pet to love and cuddle.Image


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