Frilly knickerboxers


I was rummaging in the underwear drawer this morning,  about to get dressed and I thought of something that I have often heard said. Something about not saving the best silverware for special occasions but using it and enjoying it and I thought to myself, what the hell?

I was looking at my best, prettiest pair of underwear, that have been unused in my drawer for far, far too long. The ones that I buy because they are beautiful but I don’t wear because it’s not a special occasion and I know that no one is going to see them.

I though t to myself, why not?

So I put them on. And I wore them. All day.

They didn’t make anything magical or special happen. They didn’t change my outfit. No one knew they were there, but I did.

And I felt great. All day.

Because every time I though t about them I felt like a quality babe. I felt special, pretty, sexy.

I realised that just like so many of the most valuable things in life, they don’t have to be reasonable or rational to make you happy. If something makes you feel good, even if no one else knows that it exists, then it has value. Then it has huge worth, because at the end of the day what is more important, what can be seen, or what I feel?

I got to thinking and realised that it’s silly to have kept the sexy undies at the back of the drawer for so long, because I am quite good at making use of little things that bring me little pleasures, usually.

I have beautiful dresses that make me feel like a princess, that I wear around the house, or to the beach, just because. They put me into a different frame of mind. It takes me out of the slump, the mundane, and doing that is energizing.

The more I think about it the more I realise that there are so many random little things that change how I feel. I have tattoos every day, but they are seldom seen by anyone but me. That doesn’t make me love them any less. And having them, under my crisp white work blouse, always makes me feel like a little bit of a bad ass.

I also have a collection of super hero coffee mugs at home. It sounds like a silly thing, but I love them. I could drink my morning coffee out of any mug, but only my Batman mug makes me feel like I can take charge of the day! And when the kids are driving me crazy in the evenings I restore a small amount of strength and humour by drinking tea from Superman.

I think the point that I am trying to make is, if you have something that gives you a bit of a buzz, something that has a subtle effect on your mind set, no matter how arbitrary it may seem to anyone else, even if it makes you feel a bit silly, you should use it.

After all, silly is important.

And we definitely will not save the silverware. We shall burn the candles, wear the sexy under rods, and eat the damn chocolates!



This post would probably have been better with more coffee. why not buy me cup?!


One thought on “Frilly knickerboxers

  1. Lovely Amy! I had a good laugh, as I too have special underwear, perfume, make-up, jewellery, crockery… And I know that I should just use it, for me. And every now and again I do, but only once or twice, and then, I save it for that special occasion again.


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