The cure for everything is salt water: Sweat, Tears and the Sea.

Life is amazingly simple, actually.

For all of its complications and problems, all of its subtleties, conditions and variants, it boils down to very simple stuff.

For every problem, every question, every challenge, there is a solution.

And if there is no solution, then that is a solution too. It is a sign that you need to let it go. Put your focus somewhere else for a while. You can always revisit it later. (and never forget the power of google!)

In my time on this bubble hurtling through space around a spec of light in the infinite unknown, I have found that there are three tried and tested solutions to every workable problem. Or maybe it’s just one thing really, in different forms.

The first is sweat. Both physically and theoretically sweat can do wonders. Sometimes its hours of hard work, commitment and perseverance that are needed and then your problem is easy to solve. You just have to work your arse off. Other times, when you are frustrated, mentally worn out and just can’t slog it anymore, a work out is the answer.

It is surprising how energising and calming a healthy, sweat inducing work out can be. It never fails. I know that when I am too tired for class, that is when I most need to train. Because it will actually pick me up, but it’s not just my esoteric mumbojumbo talking, thanks to research we all know now that exercise releases endorphins that literally give you a mental boost.

So that’s sweat. sweet.

Next is tears. Never underestimate the value of a good cry. Laughing until you cry is good too.

So weather you rent a sad movie and have a little blub, or sob into your pillow – that’s okay. You will feel better afterwards. It might not solve the problem, but letting it out will help. Laughter is the best medicine though, so I recommend lots of it. I find the more I laugh at things the funnier they become. When I occasionally do actually laugh until I cry it’s like winning the emotional lottery.

So that is tears. Cry me a river, you will feel better afterwards.

The last fail safe, when all else fails, fix-me-upper is the sea.


My soul is never at rest until I am gazing across the sea, and even then it is not still but is riding the waves into far off places.

I love the sea. I love to swim in it. I love to surf in it, I love to play with it. I love to sit and gaze at it in all of its different forms. I love the sea when the sun shines but I love it more in the rain. When I am in the sea I feel as if I am exactly where my soul longs to be. I am completely at peace. I am able to let go of everything, because there is nowhere that I am striving to get to. I am already here, I am perfectly where I want to be – bobbing in the salty sea. Somehow it has a magical ability to quiet so many demons. It saturates my soul and calms everything. There is nothing in the modern world that can touch that place in myself that I find in the sea.

I have noticed that it has a wonderful effect on my children too. They always play so well at the beach. They are at peace, happy. And let’s face it there is no disputing that as a demographic group surfers have got to be the most chilled out and relaxed people on the face of the planet. I know you should never generalize, but it stands to reason that if you involve yourself daily in an act that completely lets go of all of your trouble and strife you are going to end up having a different way of looking at life.

So there it is, sweat, tears and the deep blue sea.

Oh, and a final note on salt water, in times of doubt remember old wives. Salt water gargle is the first thing to treat a sore throat. Salt water on your cuts and wounds may burn but they will clean them. Lastly, if the sea is too far, the sweat is beyond you and the tears are spent, go and run a hot bath, add your bath salts (or sea salt crysals) and don’t get out until you feel like picking up your baton and joining the human race again.ltImage


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