Time for a change

Today I officially became a woman on her own.

Well no, okay I have been a woman on my own for some time, but today I finally proved to myself that I do not need a man for anything.

I have learned to catch spiders and snakes, open tight jars and lift heavy stuff on my own, but today I did something ladies around the globe stand helplessly over while they call a man to help.

Today I changed my own tyre.

I know it doesn’t sound like such a big deal. But it really is!

I had no idea how to even attach a jack when I took it out. My first thought when I saw that little gripper thingy was that I had lost a bit. Where was the flat thing to put under my car? Why did my jack only have this little brackety thing?

Then luckily I noticed that the car its self has little groovy jobs just in front of the tyre, that actually fir the brackety thing!

So I lined them up, prayed to the car angels that I wasn’t messing anything up, and cranked it up.

Well, almost. It fell off first, a few times, and I had to experiment to figure out which way to crank to get the thing up (that right there is probably why I am single) but I eventually hoisted that tyre right off the ground.


Of course I very quickly discovered that you can’t really loosen wheel nuts with the wheel in the air.

Back down it went.

On went the wheel spanner once more (I had to borrow it, sadly I must still buy a number 21 wheel spanner) and after pushing, heaving and eventually standing on the spanner I got all four nuts loosened.

Back up with the jack. Swopping the tyres was actually quite easy. I had already resigned myself to being coated in grime and it was not un-liftably heavy.

Putting the wheel nuts back on was a bit scary. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make them tight enough and that my wheel would come flying off on the N2, announcing to the world at large that I had changed my own tyre.

But it stayed! I drove straight to the tyre place to have it checked, and it was fine!

I was immensely proud of this small achievement, of course. But for me it was a big deal. I was privileged enough to grow up in a place where girls didn’t get their hands dirty, doors were held open for us and seats offered. Although I miss be treated politely I must say, that seeing as we live in an impolite world, it is good to know that I can get my own seat, open my own doors and change my own blinking tyres too!

May I never again be a damsel in distress with a flat on the side of the road!

I dare say I made my own day.


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