I have been in the mood, recently, for some old classics.

I started by going through the entire Star Wars collection with my daughter.

I feel that stuff like that is as much a part of our cultural heritage as moon landings and braai fires.

It’s not part of our religion or anything “important” it’s just part of who we are. Anyway it was a great excuse to re-watch them all with her!

But my classical whimsy still wasn’t sated and I realised that it was time to get back to my roots.

I have always been a “Batman” girl.

But I couldn’t remember why. So last night I pulled out an old copy of the 1992 “Batman Returns” and got cozy with it (cup of tea not withstanding).

I am so absolutely still a Batman girl.

I am not saying I want to be like Batman, just that he is by far the most awesome Hero.

He doesn’t have super powers. He has style.

He doesn’t have loud, screamy, shouty fight scenes. The man keeps his cool.

He can’t fly, but he does pretty well on a zip line.

I ask myself, is it the Gothic feel of it all that appeals to me? Maybe.

Is it just Batman’s complete unflappable-ness?

Batman is quiet, understated. He goes about his business like a gentleman, with the help of his trusty Butler.

He is Old school. He is Chivalrous.

He knows how to dress himself and does not wear his underpants on the outside. (Maybe it’s the help of said butler)

And, don’t even get me started on the Bat-mobile! Was there ever a sexier car? James Bond Tried, Herbie was a cute, but the Bat-mobile has got to be the most ultimate chick magnet of all time!

As far as the movies themselves go there is just such a wonderful theatrical quality about them.


But what I was not prepared for when I set out to re-watch this sold classic, is just how much I love Cat woman!

Michelle Pfeiffer is so raw, so convincing.

She gets to wear super sexy black latex while jumping over roof tops and kicking the crap out of people in her stilettos.

She is also every secretary’s secret hero. Why? As if you have to ask! (but in case you do) Basically she gets to blow up her boss and shag Batman. Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like my boss, but come on! The woman is a legend.



2 thoughts on “Classic

  1. Exposure to Star Wars is necessary for a developing mind. Excellent parenting 🙂 But in all seriousness, That is pretty cool. I like this post and I like your blog. I would love it if you could check out my page and let me know what you think


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