never explain yourself. If you are going to be weird, be confident about it.

There is always a risk involved when you pour yourself into your writing. you are exposing yourself to scrutiny, ridicule and judgement. But I think it is better to risk disapproval for who you really are than to risk being mediocre. Or to risk living your whole life without ever really expressing yourself. My goal remains to share through words the beautiful pictures I see. I hope to share a little bit of light and a little bit of the daily wonder that we often gloss over. Life is beautiful. People are beautiful. Every day is full of beautiful happenings. Life is also Random. I love Randomness because it tends to be authentic. Random is beautiful.

So as for my writing, I may still have a long way to go. I may or may not ever publish my work. I may or may not ever finish my work. But I will try to be honest in my writing. and pray to avoid mediocrity at all costs. If i am cliched I apologise. Life is a Cliche, after all.


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