Travel Buddies

Life has been a bit of a comedy of errors lately.

Having been dragged kicking and screaming into my thirties recently, my suspicions about what a terrible idea turning thirty was were confirmed by my car being stolen in the early hours of the morning on my birthday.

How do I know it was the early hours and not the night before?

Because I was up past one that Saturday night watching series on my PC, in bed, alone. And I am pretty sure that i would have heard the car start had I been awake.

Anyway, the long and short of it is I am now carless (and old, although not too old for zits, it seems) and on days like today when one or two key people (yes, okay, my mother) are not available I am forced to ask my poor, long suffering best friend for help carting the kids around after school.

And that is just what she did. With all of the grace and love with which she does everything. Well almost. You see on our way back into town after dropping the kids off the unthinkable happened. She ran out of petrol! And there we were. Two thirty something girls, all dressed for the office in heels and blouses, pushing her car down the road to safety. We were officially going to be late getting back to work. When we had the car safe we ran (yes, ran in heels) to the petrol station to persuade the attendants to find us a bottle to put petrol in. the funny thing is, by this stage, after our collectively shitty Mondays and working weekends, you would think we would have a little cry, a rant at least. Lord knows we had earned it. But instead we were struck by the hilarity of it all. We laughed our heads off all the way to the petrol station and all the way back. The petrol pump attendants thought we had lost our minds. Then we spent a good five minutes standing in the middle of the N2 trying to figure out how to open the petrol cap and fobbed off hopeful biker guys who stopped to offer pouring advise.

It was hilarious. Truly the best fun disaster I have had in a long time. I realised that there is no one else I would rather have been stuck on the side of the road with than this girl. Because no one else would have found it as funny as we did together (except for maybe my other extra special friend who lives far away). Lord knows it would have sucked if I had been alone.

It made me realise, yet again, that what is most important in life’s journey is not where you are going or even how you get there. It’s who you travel with that is the most important thing.

Choose good companions for your journey, and no matter what happens, you will find something to laugh at and have someone to hold your hand while you run down the highway into the great unknown.




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