Batman returns

A month or two ago a sad, sad thing happened.

It was Sunday morning, I was sitting on the back step sipping (okay gulping) my morning coffee from my Batman mug and admiring the wild roses, self-sown Saint Joseph’s lilies and general wild beauty of my back garden when one of the kids called to me for something. As I looked up I put my trusty batman mug down on the step, but more off the edge than on it. It fell off and it broke.

I was upset with myself for not looking at what I was doing. I had been using that Batman mug for years. I was forced to start making use of my Superman mug instead. I had originally bought them together but if I’m honest about it Batman was used all day everyday while Superman was just his back up. Not anymore.

I went back to the place where I had originally bought them, and what do you know? No Batman mugs! For months, every time I went into that shop I would check, but alas, no Batman.

I carried on using Superman, feeling like a bit of a traitor, but I eventually let it go and moved on with the rest of my life, as we do.

Then this Monday morning when I got to work feeling particularly Mondayish ( I forgot my keys, most of the office had to stand outside in the icy cold waiting for someone to rock up with keys)

And then the finance fairy arrived, with a gift for me, a shiny black Batman mug!

I couldn’t actually believe it! I was so excited by this small and yet ultimately meaningful display of kindness that I jumped up and hugged her, and of course had to make coffee right away. Not only did I have a new Batman mug, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of how nice it was of one of my co-workers to remember me and actually buy me something that is so personally my “thing” while she was out shopping with her family on the weekend.

But wait, there’s more.

I had been sitting at my desk another hour or two when the post man appeared at the door with a small brown box addressed to me! I receive many, many parcels in a week at work, but none of them are ever for me. Yet here was this parcel, with my name on it, from my sister far away. What a wonderful thing that is in itself. To receive an unexpected parcel delivered to your desk on a Monday morning. All wrapped up in brown paper with your name on the top of it. I had to have a moment just to enjoy the anticipation.

When I could stand it no longer I grabbed my scissors and cut through the layers of sticky tape.

Black tissue paper (another minor detail which in itself made me happy) under the first layer I found a white kit Kat. Under the second layer there was a Nestle Cappuccino pack. Then another layer of tissue paper… Something wrapped in bubble wrap. I opened it up, and would you believe, it was another Batman mug?! Now I have one for home and one for the office. Batman forever!

I don’t really go on about Batman that much, although I am a huge fan. All I can think is, here are two people who actually listened to something I said somewhere along the line. It was tear-jerking, actually.

My sister’s gift may have cost more to post than to purchase, but everything in it was meant just for me, to make me feel loved and remembered. And I did. I don’t really know if I am deserving of people who give me so much of their thought and feeling, but I am grateful.

It made my Monday J

batman two


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