Natures list

I love randomness.
I love things that happen out of the blue and that are just so silly, or so “twee” that they make me laugh out loud.
This is a thing that usually happens to me when I am sitting at my P.C. at work in the morning, and the office is deathly quiet. when the most prominent sound in the room is the furious clickity clacking of fingers flying across key boards.
For some reason that is always when something random will take me by surprise and I will laugh and laugh and everyone will look at me funny (that is funny strange not funny ha ha)
It was just such a moment.
I was looking for accommodation for one the directors in Natures Valley. They wanted to get away for the weekend with the family and I volunteered to help find something suitable, seeing as it was a surprise for his wife (who therefore couldn’t be involved in the booking) and he would need some help.
I couldn’t find much on the internet. My trusty friend “Google” found that Natures Valley is not that well documented. At least the accommodations there aren’t. So I decided to go old school. I picked up the telephone (Yes folks, a dinkum land line!) and dialed the yellow pages (apparently this was somehow connected to a book with yellow pages in it – at one time in our history) and there found the telephone (land-line) number for Tourism information in Natures Valley.
I dialed the number. The woman on the other end of the line (a land-line is apparently connected to your ears by strings) answered, informing me that I was through to “the shop”.
I asked if she perhaps had a telephone number for the tourist information center in Natures Valley. She told me that she is also the Tourist information center. I exclaimed my delight at having the correct number and asked her if she could kindly furnish me with a list of available accommodations and similar type establishments in the area. Would she please e-mail me the list? She sounded a little unsure but agreed that she would. I gave her my contact details at work and then she said something that I thought a little strange. She said she would e-mail me the list, but that I would have to wait for her husband to return as he had it with him.
Weird, I thought, but perhaps it’s on their laptop and he has it with him.
Well later that day, when the e-mail finally arrived, it all became clear to me. In fact I cracked up!
I have become so accustomed to dealing with a super high paced digital market place, we order everything on-line, pay for it on-line, Skype chat people in the next room of the same building, send each other links to any new product that we want to try or share. Its all digital. You can imagine my surprise and pure delight when I received, via e-mail, a photograph of a hand written list with the names and phone numbers of the accommodations in Natures Valley.
I hosed myself. I cried tears of laughter. My colleges wondered at me and I simply didn’t have the words, so I sent it to them. They shared my laugh too. We had a good old chortle.
It was not because we thought any less of the sweet couple who sent me a photo of their list. It was because we had this sudden insight into how mad our lives have become, and how simple they actually could be.
It is kind of nice to know that there are places (not far away at all) where we are still in Africa.
Natures Valley is such a perfect, tiny little haven of beach and bush. It doesn’t need or want too much exposure. Why advertise paradise? It’s the hush –hush secret destination that everyone wants to go to. And those in the know will know that it is exactly perfect that its tourist info center consists of lady at the pub / restaurant / superette with a hand written piece of paper with names and phone numbers on it.
I just love it!


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