Oh how I love a long, hard drive.
I love climbing into my car with enough petrol to go pretty far and back again, without an exactly clear direction of where I am going. Load the kids in, everybody fed and dressed for all eventualities.
I did exactly that this weekend.
I finally have my own car again, not my stolen car back, but another little ancient that I bought just last week. This Weekend was the first weekend being in my own car after more than six weeks.
I had an idea that I wanted to go to a little second hand shop in the next town west from us. I thought it would be great to see friends of mine who live there, or maybe another friend who lives one town on from that one. I couldn’t get the first girl on the phone though, and decided just to wing it.
So off we went, The children and I. with a sense of freedom curbed only by our budget. But for the moment we forgot the constraint of things like budgets and rather rejoiced in things like cars, 1800 engines, and the freedom to just head out onto the open road without really minding where we end up or with whom. You don’t have to wonder if it will be good, it is already good. Freedom.
Well we went to the next town, I found the second hand shop I had heard about and found exactly what I was looking for at a really good price!
But of course the second hand shop in Sedgefield doesn’t take card, only cash, so I headed out to the nearest ATM. Who should we see there, walking down the road to the ATM, if not the very friend I was hoping to see! Her phone still uncharged and forgotten somewhere in her boyfriend’s car, she was ever so glad to see us too. So went for tea, and who should appear but the other friend I had been thinking of visiting the next town over! The amazing thing is that although these people are my dear friends, we don’t see each other every day, or even every week. So to all end up spending a luxuriously lazy Saturday afternoon drinking coffee together without any planning at all going into it, well, it was a treat. A joy. The kind of thing that can only happen when you jump into your car on a whim, and is twice as awesome because if it’s randomness.

I almost can’t wait for next weekend, to jump into my car again and maybe drive East this time instead, and see where we end up.


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