Three witches in the Moonlight

What a special and beautiful natural phenomenon I witnessed tonight!
Tonight I stood watching the rise of the rare blood moon arm in arm with my mother and my daughter.
There was something so magical, so charmed, so witchy about having three generations of females standing under that moon together listening to the little froggies singing. I was filled with a profound gratitude for these beautiful souls in my life. To be able to share a moment like that with them. Wow.
It’s the kind of random, beautiful thing that money just can’t buy. No cliché intended – but it cant, and nor can poverty deprive you of the moonlight.
True poverty would be to see that moon and not realise how lucky you are to be alive.
Sometimes I am struck with these moments of clarity – where I see past the worries and the material things. I see past all of it, society, money, work, success, goals, all of it. And those are the moments when I can breathe.
I remember why life is so valuable, so special. I remember why we are here. It’s to look at the moon. To feel sun on your face and see it’s light through your closed eyelids. We are here to see the ocean stretch out forever at sunrise. We are here to feel the sand under our feet, or the forest floor. I used to have a rule when I lived at forest edge, that I should never walk in the forest with shoes on, because then I wasn’t really there. I n the same way you have to get your feet wet when you go to the beach or the river, so that you were actually really there. Because that is why we are here.
Not to watch calories – but to eat the damn cupcakes! Not to tame nature but to rejoice in it. We are here to experience this beautiful, mind-blowingly fantastic planet. We are in paradise. It’s funny how we forget so much of the time. most of the time, actually. We are here to feel.
We are here to love and be loved, but also to feel sadness, pain, fear. Because they make our experience of Joy, wellness and triumph tangible. I am not saying I want sad things to happen, I am just saying that when they do we should remember that they make our joy even more precious.
Life is precious. This planet is precious. This galaxy full of stars and star dust.
If you have the chance to experience something like I did tonight. Something beautiful and real, that can’t be bought or taken away, then you are wealthy. If you have the privilege of sharing that with someone you love, weather it is a spouse, a parent, a child or friend, you are doubly privileged.
To have been born with the kind of soul that sees and feels all of the beauty in the common places can be anguishing, but is also the only real way to experience life. to be one of the few who manage to keep their souls open and soft even after being hurt, is a privilege. Because although we feel more pain we also see more beauty. More magic. True beauty is painful to witness, you experience it like a small and stab to the heart, but one that you wouldn’t want to be without, much like love.
We are even softer because of our strength. Kindness, gentleness and perception takes strength and courage, and most often comes from over-coming great obstacles. I am so grateful to have a soul that can dance in the moonlight and rejoice in the wonders of the universe. To have the mind of an adult with the wonder of child. And of course a cynical and wicked sense of humour packed in my back pocket for the appropriate moments.
Because lets face it, if sadness can season your joy then a cynical streak can season your wonderment, and a sense of humour is simply essential to life on Earth.


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