Random Things that made me happy (recently):

♥ Capoeira class of two. We worked forty times harder than we would in a big class. It’s like being under a magnifying glass. It’s really hard but growth and improvement are inevitable. I do believe that is what the proverbial “Getting out of your comfort zone” is all about.
♥ Driving down the road behind a silver bakkie with “just married” painted on the back of it. People still fall in love and get married and ride off into the sunset. What a happy thing. I am so glad that I live in a world where there are still real live “just married” cars.
♥ The little heart drawn onto the bottom of a sticky note left on my desk by co-worker. Formerly the most formidable of co-workers, now leaves me instructions with smiley faces and hearts on them.
♥ coffee pods. OMG. I love the Nespresso machine at work. It’s like a friend.
♥ My ten year old daughter turning her creative writing piece for school into a horror story. The teacher professed to find it “very disturbing” as my daughter is a fairly well balanced individual and the teacher a bit of a prude, I can only take it as a sign of her brilliance that she is already disturbing the comfortable and comforting the disturbed. Genius in the making.
♥ my headphones at work. I love my headphones at work. They are my salvation, along with music, of course.
♥ Tea
♥ Seeing a toddler dancing the funky jive on the pavement the other day, to absolutely no music. She could hear it, she was bopping to the tune in her head.
♥ Coffee
♥ The teenagers at the Ross Taylor Surf contest. They are so earnest! I love teenagers (now that I am thirty) they seem very much more soulful and chilled out these days than they did when I was a kid. We were so angst-ridden! Todays teens are so hopeful and sweet. I love teenagers.
♥ Teaching the over fifty something copywriter at the office how to cut and paste, forward an e-mail, send attachments and (this is the big one) use his Skype.
♥ My son throwing his arms around my neck and telling me he loves me. Don’t get a truer love than that of a four year old boy for his mom.
♥ The “dumb ways to die” video. It always cheers me up. Really! It is so funny!
♥The various reactions on peoples faces when my eccentric little car decides to randomly hoot at them. Then they look up expecting to see an angry face and instead there is me, smiling and waving while they wonder who the hell I am and why I am saying hello to them.
♥ The guy who I passed in the car park who then tapped on my window to ask what perfume I was wearing.
♥ Consol glass jars. I use them for everything, and they always make my packed lunch salad look like a designer meal instead of a scraping together of whatever the hell I could find in my kitchen.
♥ The elephantshoe website. Seriously, how cool are these people?
♥ The bushbuck ewe in my driveway when I come home in the dark. I love her, and the Cape Eagle owl who visits too. how lucky am I to live in a country so wild and free?
♥ The beach, and living just a twenty minute drive away from it.
♥ chick flicks. I love them now. I love that I can lie in bed and watch whatever I like at night with no-one to complain. One of the many reasons why being single has made me too independent (and possibly selfish) to bother getting my ass into a relationship again. I love to watch movies and cry my bloody eyes out if I want to.
♥ Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice. Mr Darcy.
♥ The traffic control guy on the corner near work, He is such a happy guy.


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