Georgian Kids Dig Monkeys

Sock Puppet Monkeys
Sock Puppet Monkeys

I have a fabulous job. Although I often run around like a headless chicken, and have been known to put my job description as “General mad person” I have to admit that I get to do some weirdly awesome stuff.

I suppose it’s in the nature of the pure randomness of my position that the law of averages has to make doing all of the odd jobs at an ad agency land you a fair number of very different tasks.
Today was just such a case. Yes folks today I had to entertain a twelve year old Georgian (the country, not the town) boy while his mother sat in important meetings in my office. And I must say I am so glad that I was not needed in that important meeting.

So what do you do with a European kid for three to four hours in the Garden Route? Well I took him to Monkey Land.

I grabbed my emergency flat shoes from my boot, tossed my heels into my boot, and off we went.

At the start of our journey this serious young man was discussing politics and economic growth with me, and also the history of his country and their wars with Russia.

But after an hour’s drive and plying him with treats he was ready to take on the forest stroll through Monkey Land. This kid was blown away. Now I have been before, and though it’s beautiful, I must admit that what was really great to see was this little guy chilling out and having fun. He was blown away. The absolute wonder on his face at every new species we came across was priceless.

After a forty five minute tour we spent some quality office plastic in the gift store. He was there, he had had done that, he had to get the T-shirt! (and some random prankish kids stuff)

He was a different child on the journey back. He was singing to the pop on the radio, flashing passers-by with my hazard lights and hooting at people in the stop go.

In the few hours that I had charge of him he transformed from a stuffy middle-aged man in a twelve years old’s body, to a twelve year old boy. He was being down right naughty! Perhaps for many people that would not be an achievement – but in this case it was. I hope he has a great rest of his holiday – and I hope he remembers how to act his age, instead of his mothers. It was one of my greatest achievements, to be sure.

And what an awesome way to spend a morning of work! Gallivanting around the Monkey Sanctuary while my colleges were stuck in the office. I wonder if they realise how much more fun it is to be the professional multi-tasker than any of the more important jobs? I mean sure, I am bordering on under-aged senility most days, but what a rush!


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