Guests from Afar

Guests from abroad remind me that there is more to life

Last week I had the good fortune to receive a call from my longest running best friend, asking me to

Let her Australian cousin and his girlfriend stay a night at my house while they journey through South Africa.

Naturally I agreed, and found little details about my guests in preparation.

Vegetarians? Check. Vegans? No. okay that’s easy enough to cater for.

Perch Creek Family Jug Band

What I didn’t realise was how much fun these guys would be. Or that many an Australian would have been elated to be offering accommodation to some of the members of the Perch Creek Family Jug Band.

It turned out that they were on their way home from their recent European tour, playing, amongst other places, at the Edinburgh festival.

I have been feeling a little trapped in my home town of late, but with no opportunity to travel forthcoming. Having these two beautiful young people come to stay was almost like getting away for an evening.

I asked them everything I could about where they were from and where they had bee. I listened to them play guitar and it was almost like being there with them, for a moment.

They are Lot Like Me

They are lot like me. or at least a lot like a part of me that I have sort of neglected recently.

Camilla grew up with Hippie parents in a hippie community. Her fresh face is so much like mine was at age twenty.

Youthful and earnest and sweet. No make up – who would wear make up when your skin is perfect and your eyes shine with health and youth?

James is so tall he had to duck under the beams in my ceiling and practically bend double to get through the low doorways.

There is something about them though. They are such down to earth people. Really lovely. And they have an air about them like it has never occurred o them that they might not get what they want out of life.

Don’t get me wrong – they are not presumptuous or pushy, they just seem to have complete faith in their direction and their journey. No fear for the future. Just happy anticipation.

I have been trying to cultivate that in myself for so long. Because I know that what you think about you create in your life. but I always seem to get stuck on fear, anticipating disaster. And I get it, over and over again!

These two people have lived their whole lives with the mind set that I have been trying to cultivate. And they are living their dream lives. It has just never occurred to them not.

I wonder what I could do with my life, if I could just let go of all of that fear and start anticipating living my dream life instead?

I would love to go and visit them, maybe even watch one of their gigs, in Australia, and thank them for reminding me that there is a life beyond the end of the line white envelopes with little windows in them. There is a whole world waiting to be explored beyond the confines of finance and fear.

I really hope I manage to find my way there sooner rather than later.

Check them out:



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