Mr Darcy again

Having just re-read Pride and Prejudice I have to admit that I still have a quite unsuitable crush on Mr.Darcy.

I mean he is engaged to Elizabeth, after all. It’s is quite improper that I should entertain the day dreams that I do about the man!Mr_Darcy_by_ZuzSK

I am also quite certain that I was born into entirely the wrong era.
Let the liberals and the activists say what they like about equality – What ever happened to Chivalry?! The idea that a woman should not ever dream of having to attempt to find out if the object of her affections was at all interested in her – but had only to wait for his proposal – sounds a lot better than all of the risk and shame involved in today’s way of doing things.

Why should a lady HAVE to be put out? She shouldn’t. She should have the proposals made of her and have the right to refuse them. She should not have to put herself in the position of making them.

Similarly the idea of your well educated family having a say in your matrimonial choices seems a lot more favourable to me in retrospect of being previously allowed to marry any fool of my choosing, no matter how bad or unfortunate the match may have been. Oh! That I could have had a traditional family to step in and help me make better choices!

The decorum and pleasantries demanded of the era also remind me that we have fallen upon terribly unfavourable times, socially. I love the idea of people being civil. Of opinions being repressed by good nature and of inquisitive questioning being considered rude!

Okay, so I would have been burnt at the stake for behaving as I have in my life time – but perhaps I would not have been so foolish had society had as much structure and security in my lifetime.

Lastly the idea that someone who is interested in you should have to ask your hand in marriage before he was allowed to waste weeks, months or years of your life without ever being decided himself if that is what he wanted to do – would actually be bloody refreshing! State your case man – stop wasting every body’s bloody time!

I trust that the effect of the reading upon my language structure will eventually fade, but for the interim I am quite enjoying finding all of my thoughts presented to me in proper English.


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