Never Kick your Granny when she’s Shaving

And also, never sit down to write while you are playing around with a DIY highlighting kit.

Probably a better thing to say would be: Never BUY a DIY highlighting kit! But alas, I have always been experimental – especially with DIY grooming and beauty products.

I will try to wait to see my beloved hair-dresser before I make a change. But I inevitably get bored, or have a moment’s inspiration.

I will think to myself, I may not be a hair expert, but I am an expert on what I want! Who could know what I want better than I do?! So it is that I will find myself missing up pots of bleach at 10:00PM and slapping a whole head full of little streaky bits all over my unsuspecting head. Probably if I left it at that, and carefully followed the instructions everything would be okay.


Ha ha! But.

But I will then get bored waiting for the setting time to be up – and do something like I did tonight – sit down at my PC to work on my next assignment for my online course – and COMPLETELY lose track of time!

By the time I realised that I should have rinsed my hair fifteen minutes earlier (For the absolute latest time stated on the box) I had streaks of white in my hair to challenge any grandma. I am only lucky at this point that I am not sporting multiple teeny bald patches!

It is certainly going to give the web guys at the office some great material to tease me with for the next few weeks.

Hopefully still better than the last time I cut my own fringe, though.

Why oh why do I do this to myself? Is it a deep seated passive self loathing? Is it my abhorrence of wasting money (maybe a little).

Mostly I think it is the same affliction I have had from a young age. I get bored, and am struck by moments of inspiration (sometimes brilliance) and then I throw in healthy dose of absent-mindedness and distraction.

Ah well.

I think I will go and scratch in the bathroom cupboard for some Chestnut Henna. Maybe I can add some darker streaks and counter the uber-blonde. Maybe I will just do my eye brows instead.

Till the next instalment…..


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