Sticking one to the man

I love my kids unendingly – this is obvious to most people who know me even a little bit.

But what is not immediately obvious is that I also like them. And it’s because they are so much like me.

They are non-conformists. My children do what seems right and reasonable to them – and to hell with the system.

A perfect example of that is my little Felix having a go at the kiddy ride outside the toy shop the other day. My mother took him, having decided that he has to have the experience (thanks Mom, I will be avoiding the mall forever now).

Anyway she took him to the ride outside the toy shop. It’s a rocket ship type thing that you put your R5 into and it rocks back and forth and does it thing while your child sits in the seat. Felix loved it of course.

But my sweet, darling boy quickly realised that there are two seats on his ride. He also saw that he was being watched by a couple of less privileged kids who were waiting outside with a caretaker keeping an eye on them.

In no time at all Felix organised (from his seat on the ride) all of the other little kids into a line, and with much scrambling and hazardous climbing, made sure that each and every one of them got a minute alongside him on the machine.

Fortunately all toes were kept in tact!

Now he is only four, and so I guess it didn’t occur to him to relinquish his own seat – but there was no way he was going to enjoy the five minutes by himself.

To Felix the idea that everyone should have to pay for a turn is as ludicrous as the idea of everyone who needs a lift having to own their own car is to me.

Life is better with friends. And every child should have a childhood – even four year old Felix can see that.

My mom was so blown away by this sweet boy thinking of other children’s joy. I am just glad that she has always allowed us to be ourselves and do things like that. Go Mom and Felix! You guys made my day.


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