Have a little Faith

I enjoy theology. I have always loved the traditional stories from different cultures and I have always loved the simple beauty that is a person who believes whole heartedly in their religion.

It’s a sad irony that so many people have been killed in the name of religion – but I think that the intelligent world knows that those atrocities have been all been committed by men with agendas that had nothing to do with their gods or their belief systems. The men in power have had holy books changed to suit their own vested interests.

Anyway I don’t want to discuss the miss-use of religion. Nor do I want to assert a particular religion, because I think they all have their hearts in the same place.

I want to discuss something beautiful and powerful and pure. I want to think about the driving force behind most of them. A type of magic called… faith.

I believe in people who believe.

If I had something important on my mind I would ask my mom to get her prayer chain on it. She always says “Why don’t you pray about it yourself” and my answer would be “because I believe in people who believe.”

It’s only recently that all of the different pieces have started to fall together for me. After reading religious stories, Buddhist teachings, quantum physics and watching the secret like it was gospel (and hanging out with plenty of hippies) I have come to the realisation that the key principle is the same throughout. What you think about, you bring about.

Faith is the magic ingredient, the holy grail that makes all things possible. I say holy grail because it is something which is actually very rare.

People pray about things, meditate on them, visualise them – whatever their way of doing it is – but only those people who really believe see results. That’s why I believe in people who believe.

For those people who possess simple faith anything is possible. It doesn’t seem to matter who the deity in question is, only that they believe to their very core that their prayers will be answered. And then they are.

Gratitude is another secret ingredient, if you will.

Along with faith in what will come, people who focus on their gratitude and express it seem to have more good things happen in their lives.

I am definitely of the school of thought that says “It’s not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy” these things are so simple that they are bordering on cliché, so simple that we forget them in our daily lives – but they are true.

It’s really scary to let go of the things you are afraid of. You hold onto them tightly, afraid that if you don’t they will sneak up on you and get the better of you. so we hang onto them in our very souls and then are surprised when they keep happening. but its almost like we placed our faith in the negative instead of the positive.

You have to be really brave to be happy. you have to be really strong and brave to let go of all of things that have hurt you and all of the things you are afraid of and just live your life forwards.

Sometimes it almost feels disloyal to your own pain to cut it lose and be happy. it seems dangerous to let go of your fears and be grateful.

But if there is one true thing that I have seen in this life so far it’s that miracles happen. Big ones and little ones too. I have them happen in every day of my life – I live by grace and faith.

Now if I could just follow my own advise here and be as brave as I would like to be and have solid faith I know that things could really be amazing.

Luckily for me I have a daughter named Faith. In never realised when I first named her how important that virtue would come to be to me. Now I understand that I named my child after the single strongest thing known to mankind.


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