Pet Peeve # 01

There is nothing quite like a South African Sea side in summer time.
The white sand, the warm water, the hordes of people crowding around the very first patch of sand that their feet touch as they leave the parking lot.
I have never been one for crowds. My kids know that they want to go to the beach during season they had better be prepared to walk, because under no circumstances will I lay my towel amidst the hordes of holiday makers. Holiday makers who have saved up all year and travelled (many of them) almost a thousand kilometres to be at the beach, and yet when they arrive here they can’t possibly walk further than past the first available patch of sand before setting up camp. And man can they set up camp! I guess they are used to malls and so the idea of being squashed into close proximity to their neighbours seems quite reasonable. IMG-20150101-WA0004
I personally prefer to make use of the kilometres of open beach stretching out beyond them. I’m funny like that.
Anyway, we braved the crowds and managed to find less inhabited sands. And what should happen but a bunch of grown, adult men decide to set up a game of cricket directly in front of us. As in, not two meters from where I am sitting lathering sunblock on my children.
Oh lord, how i hate beach cricket! It is my absolute, definitive pet peeve. Who does that?! Who in their right minds thinks that it is okay to set up a game with a hard ball flying around at top speed in the middle of where people are sitting? Where LOTS of people are sitting! What irks me the most is that most of the time these are not even children, they are men! Adult men! And their girlfriends and wives sit there gazing proudly at them as if they have won some sort of prize.
It must be the “who can bring the biggest idiot to the beach” competition.
Maybe it’s wrong of me to judge. Scratch that –it’s always wrong to judge – but honestly! Play cricket on the Green, Green grass of home, boys, and leave the beach to the swimmers and the surfers, please and thank you and kindly bugger off.
I know that I am in the occupation of sharing joy on this blog, not bitching, but I dare say that I know a fair number of people who would love to have hazard free beaches – and by hazard I do mean hazardously stupid people. Good lord. May the season be over quickly so that the locals may return to the beach!

P.S. Whatever happened to Volleyball?


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