Series Addiction

Most of us share the same dirty secret these days: Series addiction.

It is the new alcoholism, the new smoking, the ultimate new time wasting technique. And with the modern world being what it is you can get a whole season, a whole series of seasons, in one go.

Gone are the days of waiting a week to find out what would happen next. We have it all, a click away.

Im am ashamed to admit that I have fallen prey to this terrible affliction.

How it gets you, you see, is by being presented in seductively short sections.

If it’s late, and there is not enough time for a full movie, or if it’s early and I just want to unwind for a half hour before I get into my evening, or if I am too tired to even read, I will think to myself, just one short episode .

It’s only twenty minutes, maybe a half hour.

I tell myself I will just watch one episode.

Four hours later there I am, straining to keep my eyes open and clicking “play” on the next episode like a zombie. The next day I walk around the office looking like I have been partying all night. The truth is far more embarrassing. I have been series-ing it up!

I will find myself eventually falling asleep with all the lights still on. And I hadn’t written that page or watched a full movie because I was just too tired? So instead I watched series for four hours, because that’s always a good idea!

Why is it so addictive though? I was sitting in the bath this evening, yelling at Felix not to stand on the edge of the bath and quizzing Faith for a spelling test, and I got to wondering, why is series so freaking addictive? It’s like crack for lazy people.

And I think I have it – it’s a combination of pure escapism from reality coupled with a lack of commitment required.

You see for one thing you are focusing on an alternate reality where your own un-paid bills and unfinished work isn’t dogging you into an early grave with worry. You can focus on someone else’s charming ordeals.

And the reason that it’s better than a movie is that you don’t even have to commit to concentrating for 90 minutes. You know on some subconscious level that all of the problems will be wrapped up in one short episode (for a sitcom or a detective series) or else you will get caught on the cliff hanger of some series – and of course have to watch the next episode to see what happens, but then the previous episode was probably wrapped up in the current one, so there is still that sense of satisfaction.

Where else in life do we have the satisfaction of having our fears put to rest in under hour from when they first arose? You k now that everything is going to be okay – and soon too.


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