Holy Moment

Life is just a series of moments, strung together.

When you truly grasp that you can learn that it’s possible to share moments with someone, weather a friend, a lover or a random person on the street, and have a moment that is completely meaningful and connected. A moment that is Relevant, which stands on its own forever in love or shared humanity.

Those moments don’t demand that you promise them any kind of future or need a past. They are complete within themselves.

They can last a few seconds, a night a day or weekend. They can be the thing that holds a couple together for the rest of their lives, or a flash that flares for a moment and is gone. But like a solar flare they can burn an image on the eye of your soul that lasts forever. You still see it when your eyes are closed and you are shifting through your memories.

They are the moments that make up a lifetime.

They are the moments that come to you when you look back on your life.

The perfect ones where you were still within them, not striving to get to anywhere or from anywhere.

When you realize that life is all just about collecting a pocketful of moments you understand that love doesn’t have to last forever to be real.

It’s the ones that flare out with love that light the way for your soul. That will give you the strength to get through the darkness and the grey, uncoloured days.

When you find those moments, don’t ask them to make promises.

Just live them. Be in them, and let them go.

Because nothing is certain. Nothing is set in stone and even stone can be carved, broken, crushed by water and eaten away by wind.

But those Holy moments, whether they be a swim in the ocean, a laugh with a friend, a wild romantic night or a bungee jump, don’t judge them by their duration.

Rather cherish them for their truth and clarity. For their absolute completeness.

After all, years are not the measure of a life, moments are.

(thank you for the image : http://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/335128541?view_mode=2)


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