Give up your Day Job

Do you know what’s really, truly terrifying?

Chasing your dreams.

It’s like facing yourself head on and saying “okay, let’s see if I can do this”

Sitting in a job you hate is easy. Complaining about the people who aren’t paying you enough, who don’t appreciate your effort and the fact that you are broke as shit roughly one online banking session after your salary hits ( My bank account is really just a launch pad – money bounces off it from one person to another)

We love to complain. You constantly hear people complaining about the government, the municipality, the media, the tax man, the crime rate, the level of education in our country.

Okay it’s all true.

Most of us are breaking under the strain of being under paid and the government / media / crime rate are all terrible. It’s true.

But then why aren’t we doing something about it?

Because it’s easier to complain than to try to do something.

When you act there is a good chance of failure. I think for most people the terror of being bad at what they really want to do is far worse than the dealing with someone else’s stuff ups. At least there is someone else to blame.

I have realised this about myself over and over.

It is probably my greatest short coming. It’s what makes me procrastinate for days on end rather than sit down and write an original piece of work – the horror that I might discover that I am mediocre.

Oh my goodness! It is my greatest fear – mediocrity.

What if I try and I discover that I am actually just lame? What if there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? No greener grass? No life after death? What if I die and no one ever wants to read my memoirs because I was just plain sad?!

What if I get my dream job and I suck at it?

Or find myself in my dream house living my dream life (okay so it’s maybe a boat not a house) and it doesn’t make me happy?


I guess there are only three things to remember:

  • Regretting something you didn’t do will haunt you long after you have forgiven yourself for the mistakes you have made  (Except for drugs and unprotected sex – people it’s never a good idea to take drugs or have unprotected sex)
  • Money can’t buy happiness – but lack of money sure can make you miserable
  • Be happy now. Things can’t make you happy, things can make you comfortable – but only choosing to be happy can make you happy
  • (I know, it’s a fourth thing, but) Genius burns. Meaning – no-one ever got anywhere who was afraid to lose some sleep, put themselves out there and TRY. Even if it hurts.


When you see someone giving up their day job, try to remember how much harder it is to expose yourself to the world and take a risk than it is to sit in a job. Remember how every success story started somewhere.

There was never a great motivational story that started with “Well he was born rich and talented and had it easy…”

No. Success stories involve obstacles, courage and perseverance.

I have a favourite quote, which sums me up perfectly. It goes:

“I write when my fear of not writing overcomes my fear of writing”

I’m wishing all the best to my friends Gene and Anje, and my own sister Jay – who’ve all had the courage to do something I haven’t done yet – give up their day jobs to follow their dreams. Whenever I think of you – you guys make my day.

If it doesn’t scare you it isn’t going to change you.


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