The Rose that rose

(above the Chaos)

The good will rise above the crap, and the exceptional, beautiful, and brave will always outshine their circumstances.

I have a physical reminder of this truth from time to time.

In my wild garden there is a wild tangle of brush.

It has in it an assortment of things growing all entwined. It is impenetrable, green, messy, doubtlessly a haven for snakes and quite outside of my ability to tame (I have a tendency to unwittingly propagate the untamable).

I don’t usually give it much thought.

It’s just there.

But every so often it provides for me a random ray of hope.

You see, long ago someone planted a rose-bush in the middle of that shrubbery. And although you would never know that it’s inside there, it has somehow survived.

It is uncared for, unfed, unwatered in the dry times, unpruned and forgotten.

It gets no sunlight under the brush, either.

Although it is a plant that comes from a species that is known for being finicky and needing a lot of TLC to thrive, it has somehow surpassed all of the rules that should kill it.

I know this because every so often I will step outside in the morning and see a great pink rose blooming above this suffocating mass of vegetation.

How it survives I don’t know. How it manages to climb higher than any non-creeping rose should is also a mystery. But somehow it does. It pushes its delicate stems through the tougher, bigger plants and it produces a glorious crown of pink.

She holds her head up high. She is not concerned where her roots and stems have been to get her there. That is not her job.

Her only purpose is to be. And she is glorious.

When she blooms it always reminds me that there is hope.Pink Rose

It reminds me that you can rise above your circumstances.

That rose reminds me that beautiful things can be found in unlikely places.

Most importantly, I think, It reminds me that even if you are delicate, fine and not built for a struggle, you can rise above the teeming masses of crap and simply shine.

A flower doesn’t care who sees it bloom and what they might think of it.

Her only purpose is to be completely and absolutely herself.

And that, and her unlikely strength, are what make her beautiful.


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