The universe gave me chocolate!

Today a wondrous thing happened.

It was a dark and stormy day. It was cold and grey and wet and I had to go out to the shops for work because the office had entirely run out of milk and coffee.
So I braved the weather to make sure that my beloved colleagues would get their caffeine fix.

And then there it was. Just under the cover of the parking lot – lying in the middle of my path – a perfect, unopened slab of dark chocolate with hazelnuts.

I looked about me to see who may have lost this treasure, but there was no one about.

Whoever the sad soul may have been to lose a chocolate from their shopping bag, they were gone.

I picked it up.

Perfect, it must have just fallen out of someone’s shopping.

And I LOVE chocolate. I am not one of those pretend chocoholics who says they love chocolate and then go out and order vanilla. I am a true chocolate fanatic. I dream about it. I obsess about it. I spend the greater part of my life not buying and eating it, because I am constantly aware of it when it is not in my mouth. Chocolate is not nice when you have it, eating it is when everything is as it should be. I wake up at night and scour the kitchen for anything with cocoa in it. I need it.

Chocolate is my solace, my friend, my reward and my consolation.

When the universe hands me chocolate, I don’t ask questions. I say thank you.

I take it as a sign that everything is okay with the world.

And to every person who has ever lost their slab of chocolate, who has come home to find there is only one slab in the packet instead of two, I’m sorry for your loss. But I would like to say thank you.

And I hope that you have some comfort in knowing that somewhere there is someone who you have made very happy.

Because some deserving soul has picked it up and taken it as a fairy favour.

You may not have meant to, but you have made someone’s day.


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