Bubblegum English

I have been writing a lot of listicles of late for one of my online clients. They are the preferred form of article for their website and I have to admit they are quite a lot of fun to write. But I have to admit that while I was mentally mulling over my most recent listicle at the kitchen sink I did find myself breathing a tired sigh over the name “lisiticle”.

It is a real thing, you can Google it, and I suppose real things need to have names. The English language is pretty awesome in its evolutionary ability to adapt and morph with all of humanities changes. I think that is why it is the most commonly spoken language online and around the world. Because of its ability to adapt, it has survived.

But sometimes I feel tired by the constant need for millennials to invent new words. I mean, yes it’s fantastic that “Google” is now in the Oxford dictionary, but does it really need to be?

Are we going to wake up one day and suddenly be over the new-fangled naming new-word-in-the-dictionary-ftrconventions? Like when you love a new pop song, listen to it over and over again for three weeks, and then suddenly never want to hear it again. Are generations to come going to be embarrassed for us, because if how we went around making up names for things the way that we are embarrassed by our grandma’s swim suits?

I am waiting for the day that youngsters and Hipsters start speaking proper English again. I imagine it will be because they are suddenly so over inventing awesomely useful names for things, that, let’s face it, just sound made up. Will we grow up and stop playing house with the English language, or is it doomed to evolving right out of existence, along with the morals and good manners that have kept it company for so many centuries? I suppose only time will tell.

(thanks for the image communitytable.com)


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