Make someone’s Day

Nothing makes me happier than hearing the words “you made my day”. Usually I hear those words when I least expect them, like today, from a musician I complimented.

I have a shy side (hard to believe I know) but I do. For some reason it’s much, much easier for me to express myself via the written word than to actually speak to someone.

So I try to make a point of speaking to real life people. It can be painful, it can be embarrassing, but I do it. And you know what? Nine times out of ten the person I choose to speak to is just as insecure as I am.

So today I went up to a musician who was performing at the mall my offices are situated in. We are subjected to a lot of less than palatable music in the centre and this guy was actually blow-me-away good. I told him exactly that, expecting him to blow me off as another pesky fan. He didn’t.

He said thank you.

Later when I bumped into him again, pushing a trolley full of equipment, he said, “I was feeling really insecure up there. like an ornament. what you said meant a lot to me. You made my day.”

And so you see, sometimes when you get over yourself and your own shyness, you can help someone else to get over theirs too.

The vast majority of people are as self-conscious, shy and insecure as you are.

Try to set a goal of at least once a day (like your random act of kindness) saying a few words to someone you wouldn’t usually speak to. Whether it’s a child or an adult, a compliment or just a “hello” or even just a smile, you never know how it might change the way someone else is feeling.

And believe me, there is no better feeling than making someone’s day 🙂

(thanx stocksnap for the image)


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