Why Social Media Lift Clubs are my new favourite mode of Travel

You know how people are always saying that Social Media has made the world a smaller place and that we are all so much more connected now? Well I have witnessed it becoming a physical reality as well as a figure of speech.

Okay, I know how dicey it sounds, and maybe it could be a bit dodge if you’re not careful, but Social Media has revolutionised the world of travel and nothing will never be the same again.

I hate catching buses, and my poor, sweet little golf is not up to any long distance travel. As a result I have been pretty much marooned in the swampy Garden Route for a while. Until recently…

I decided that I had to go pay a long overdue visit to my best friend in Cape Town. So I made arrangements to leave the kids behind (for the first time ever – eek!) and I called her up to say I was coming. I just didn’t know how I was going to get there.

Until someone said “Have you tried the Plett / Cape Town Lift Group on Facebook?”

My first reaction was “this can’t possibly work, and it’s probably full of weirdos” But being of adventurous spirit I made a request to be added to the group and I posted that I was looking for a lift, and when. I also started checking out other people’s posts.

In a matter of days I managed to secure a lift to Cape Town, on the Thursday morning that I wanted to go, at the time that I wanted to leave, and a lift back on the Sunday morning that I wanted to return on.

What’s more is that because only members can add you to the group there don’t seem to be any completely random axe murders in the group.

I realised that I could check out the person offering the lift, as well as anyone else who commented that they wanted to drive along. I messaged them, got their numbers and gave them a call to make sure that they didn’t sound like axe-murders either.

If you are really concerned about safety I think it would be perfectly acceptable to ask to meet the person in a public place beforehand. Maybe I was just very fortunate, but I decided that my lifts sounded kosher and they were. Perfectly.

In the end I got to driving up in a car with three other girls, including the driver. We all enjoyed the driver’s audiobook of “Eat, Pray, Love” so she left it playing most of the way there.

I didn’t have to sit on a bus. I got to call a bathroom break (and a stop-and-buy-chocolate break) when I wanted one, and drove at a sensible time of day.

The total cost of that lift? R200. (A bus ticket is about R350 each way)

Then on the Sunday morning, sad, forlorn and extremely sleep deprived, I drove back with an awesome girl and an awesome young guy. It turned out the guy was a fellow Capoeirista and he even knows some of the people I used to train with whom now live in Cape Town! That was an awesome trip. The three of us really gelled. We had all brought enough snacks to share and we spent the trip eating chocolate and flings and drinking coffee out of paper cups while discussing our shared favourite series and movies.

The Total cost of the return trip? R150 (excl. coffee and chocolate)

So for the price of riding a bus one way, I got to Cape Town and back. I travelled with cool people, under favourable conditions. I made good time and arrived at my destinations at a reasonable time of day. What’s more is that both times the owner of the car dropped me off at my destination. No long waits at bus stops for anyone.

All in all it was a very pleasant traveling experience and definitely the way I intend traveling in future. Whether I get my little Golf serviced and let others join me so that I can afford the petrol or even if I drive with them, it is definitely the way to go.

I foresee a lot more time on the N2 in my future!

Thank you for the use of your image: http://loquenoquieroquelean.blogspot.co.za/


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