a day full of universe juice

At this moment in time I have three or four half written blog posts rattling around both my brain and my Word docs. All of them thoughts that are mostly developed but in need of finishing.

After the day I had today though, I am realising that they all will have to wait.

Today I have to write a little post about today. What a day it has been.

When I got home this evening and my sister (who is living with me at present) asked me how my day was I had to say “interesting”.

Because how else would you describe a day filled with dramatic happenings both pleasant and unpleasant?

It started out like a pretty normal day. I was manically busy as usual (I have become progressively busier and busier over the last few months as people have left our office and not been replaced and I have been absorbing the extra work, while at the same time getting busier with my free-lance writing work too)

My maniacal business was sweetened in the middle of the morning by one of the directors buying me a caramel centered chocolate bar. Anyone who knows me will know that this in itself is enough to make me happy. I love chocolate and I become very emotional when I am subjected to even small random acts of kindness. Point 1 in favour of the day.

By 3PM I was driving along with tears of frustration stinging my eyes, realising that there was no way on God’s green Earth that I could get through the list of things I needed to do and make my 3:30 meeting. I made back to the office by 3:25 only to discover that the meeting had been at 2:30. point 1 against.

So I am standing in front of my boss-lady trying to explain when someone calls to me from across the office. She says “your daughter  called to say there’s a snake in your house.” Well it was actually in my bedroom… in my wardrobe. a Boomslang. the wondrous, death inducing, South African tree snake. Point 2 against. dealt with that.

A bit later I am dashing over to the stationers (don’t tell the creative director – I promised never to use that particular stationer again after the last time) and was waiting to cross the road. The traffic moved pretty slowly, but just too fast for me to be able to cross.

I notice a white car coming up in front of me with two young guys in the front. The driver leans over to say something to the passenger. As they approach he looks out of his window at me smiles, and says (In a really nice, sweet and respectful way) “You’re really beautiful!”. Point 2 for.

Most mom’s over thirty (not me – I will be 29 forever) can tell you how bloody nice it is to have a random stranger think you’re pretty. You never feel pretty. You feel tired, stressed, worn out, worried, financially broken, crinkled and flabby. Us over-thirties seldom (ha! never) walk around thinking “Damn I feel pretty today”.

So getting a random compliment in a non-lecherous and genuine way is a BIG DEAL.

(FYI guys, leering and being crude is NOT the same as giving a compliment!)

Then I had some more manic day happen. Rush, rush, rush. Stress, stress, stress.

Leave work and it’s off to the shop quickly.

Being my usual self, chatting in friendly fashion to some guy and his kid, I let him go to the counter first as he had less stuff than me.

My turn arrives, they ring up my stuff.  Then that dreaded thing happens that only happens to single mothers – my card bounces. Somehow the debit fairies spirited away the last little drop of mula that was supposed to buy dinner.

Mortified with embarrassment, I stand furiously tapping at my phone to see why I have no money, when the check-out lady taps my elbow and points. The guy with the little girl who I had let go ahead of me has appeared and paid for my groceries! Point 3 (and 4 and 5 and ) for the day being awesome.

I am beyond touched at the kindness and generosity of this man. I couldn’t believe it! Without any expectation of return, without any history or any feeling of debt, this very kind person made a huge impact on my day, my week, my outlook on life.

I said thank you and I said “you made my day – you are going into my blog!”

All three of these events, together with a few remarkable new people who have entered my life in strange ways, have restored my hope.

I have always managed to keep a grip on faith in myself, even when it gives me rope-burn, but it has been a long time since I have experienced hope for humanity.

Look out for my upcoming post on Comfort food, silliness and sisters.

thank you stocksnap for the image


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