Hi Guys,

I’m sorry there haven’t been any new posts in the last little while.

Life has been happening and taking no prisoners.I have dealt with illness (my own and my children’s) and death (my ex-husband’s) in the last few weeks. There have been a great many hard lessons which I may share with you as they become less painful.

For now I can tell you just these three things:

Love doesn’t end

Even if you have been through anger, separation, forgiveness, and time. When you really, truly love someone you never give up on them and it crushes you when they pass.

Grief shows you who your people are

They are not just the ones who support you, they are also the ones your heart wants to be near when you’re in distress. You will quickly realize which friends and family you can bear to be near and which you can’t, no matter how well meaning they are.

Life is short

And nothing prepares you for it ending. It’s a cliche, yes. But for good reason. You never know when things will change forever. Make the most of the moment you’re in. Be kind. Behave as you would like to be remembered. Always say “I love you.”



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