It’s okay to BLEND In

In this era of digital media, we are all pretty obsessed with our individuality. It’s not easy to create yourself, to make yourself “something different”.

The funny thing is we spend the first half of our socially-conscious years trying to fit in. At least, I think so. We are so torn between wanting to fit in and wanting to  be “original” that we end up working ourselves into quite a state. Or at least I did when I was younger.

Maybe it’s the joys of hitting my 30’s – but I have reached the wonderful, liberating realization that I don’t actually care anymore. That in fact, it’s an entirely futile pursuit.

You are always going to have something in common with someone else – it’s the law of averages in a population of how ever many billion people we are on this planet.

On the other hand your individuality will shine through no matter what you do. There are no original ideas. There are also no identical ones. Never mind  two people never doing the same thing the exact same way, you yourself can’t even do something the same way twice!

Whatever you do in this life you are always going to shine through. Your special, individual take is going to be there whether you like it or not – tough nuts!

Blending In  – The Revelation

Last year I spent a few months listening to my daughter practicing for her school choir group. She’s a descant (she has a very high voice) and as pretty as she sounds I couldn’t help but thinking that she sounded a bit thin and, well, high pitched. But attempting to be good mother , I shut my own tuneless yap and let her practice.

Then came the night of the school prize-giving, which was opened by the choir performing three numbers. Well!

I sat in the hall, with my sister at my side, with tears streaming down my silly face. My dear darling sister was blubbing too.

There were a hundred kids up there, arranged from altos to metzos to sopranos to descants. They sounded phenomenal – but the most insanely beautiful part of the whole thing was the descants angelic voices all blending together to create the kind of sound that lifts the roof, speaks directly to your soul, and leaves mothers and aunties in tears.

The sound they achieved could never have come out of one person alone. It was the result of harmony. The blending and harmonizing of individual voices into one soul moving sound. It made me realize that individuality, though both important and inevitable – isn’t the only thing worth celebrating. Unity and harmony are perhaps even more rare and more difficult to achieve.




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