Thoughts become Things

e2427709ec04adf256d4253cb09f673dA quick one on how we create our physical reality with our thoughts.

Quite some time ago I watched this cheesy movie called “the secret”. It was super cheesy but it resonated none the less. The concept that we create our reality with our thoughts has just got way too much to back it up to be ignored. And even if it’s wrong – so what – you can’t argue that if you focus on being happy that you will feel happier. So it’s kind of a no lose gamble.

Anyway I have spent a long time trying to “work” with the theory. But like most things you can’t force a good manifestation.

Recently, though, I have had a few rock solid manifestation experiences. The biggest and most notable being the manifestation of a bedroom for my daughter.

I was cleaning out the stoep (that’s South African for a back porch with a roof over it) and I suddenly had a perfect vision of how it would work to close it up and turn it into a bedroom for my twelve year old daughter (She was sharing with her baby brother til then). I didn’t worry about the “how” or “when” or anything else. I was just over thrown with excitement for how great it would be. I totally believed it to be possible (even though I’m literally stoney broke and have no DIY abilities) and I didn’t doubt for a moment that I could get it done.

Now when I say I didn’t doubt it I mean I had not one shadow of an inkling of doubt in my mind. I saw it in my head, got excited about it, shared the idea with my daughter and continued as if it was already a done deal. Even though I had NO IDEA how I was going to achieve it. And you know what? It’s done. Not a month later the universe / God / higher power / insert your preferred nomenclature here, has pulled it’s shit together and my daughter is sleeping in a new bedroom, happily surrounded by her own things.

Yes I am incredibly and immensely grateful.

What really struck me though is how I managed to manifest something like this. It only took one moment of pure believing. Pure faith. No doubt. After that it didn’t matter that I started to wonder how I would get it done. The little shadows of concern were not enough to deter that one moment of pure creative power. Mind blowing, hippie pleasing stuff I tell you. Inspiration meets faith equals the power to do anything.

the problem is not the method. The method works. The problem (or challenge) is in believing in your visions. Having total faith, even for one fleeting moment, is one of the hardest things we can ask ourselves to do. It’s freaking hectic! But if you can do it you will have the power to create your reality.

I suspect that I was able to do it because it was for my daughter – someone else, someone I love. Who knows what can happen when love and faith pair up? There have certainly been enough stories about it, both fact and fiction, to warrant there must be something to it.





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