Hair Grows and Persistence Pays

50 shades of Short and Purple

A few weeks ago I went to have my long hair trimmed (at a cheap hairdresser who I was trying out to cut costs) and I somehow ended up with a bad bob. I was horrified. I had the same haircut I sported at age nine. I felt like a total fraud, as this clearly wasn’t “me”. I was devastated. I was ridiculously unhappy. Laugh if you want to at my “first world” problems, but I am sure that any girl out there who has ever had her long locks hacked off by a gung-ho hairdresser will understand what I felt. I stood in Pick n Pay with my back against the pillar in the aisle and I felt I couldn’t go on.

So I took a selfie and sent it to my best friend. Do you know what she said to me? (after reassuring me that it didn’t look that bad) she said, “Hair Grows”.

And you know what – she was right. It does. She made me realize how ridiculous I was being. It freaking grows. There are bigger problems in life than what right in the moment seems like the-worst-hath-happened.

Anyway I decided, seeing as it was already hacked short and needed redeeming, to do something I have been toying with for a while and dye my hair white. like, as in – WHITE, because it looks pretty cool on Pinterest. That’s how I discovered that not only does hair grow, but purple rinse eventually washes out too. Actually it washes out quite fast. It was only purple for a few days. (Ask a blonde to explain).

The funny thing is, a few days after my short purple hair episode first hit, I began to notice something – rather a number of other girls I know started dying their hair purple too! So I guess sometimes when you do something outrageous, even if it seems like a disaster at first, you might actually be the forerunner of a new trend. I do enjoy all the purple hair I am seeing around my office at the moment!

I guess you just have to hang in there – which brings me to my next brief topic ( I know I should stick to one per blog post but this is kind of related, kind of)

Hanging in there when no-one else can see what you’re fighting for

I have spent the last two years of my life studying, working and writing. I work in the day time, from 8 – 5. I work at night, from 8 – 10 (or 11, or 12, depending). I mother in between and try to set time aside for my kids. I write and most importantly I study. It’s been kind of crazy. Especially when I try to fit in martial arts, too.

BUT! ha ha! But… After two years of no social life, severe judgment from some of my family for not having secured a new mate yet, losing touch with all my friends and being laughed at for hoping against hope that I might actually make my life better, I think it’s actually happening.

It’s starting. I don’t want to jinx it, and I will tell you all more in a few months time, but I have four diplomas now and I have just been informed that I am being promoted to a position in the agency where I work that I actually WANT! I am going to be in a creative and analytical position, working in a field that excites me, that has a future and most importantly, that allows me to use some of my creativity and constant fucking inspiration (it’s exhausting being an enthusiast who doesn’t get to be enthusiastic about what enthuses them).

So wish me luck people. The worst that can happen is that I may totally screw up and end up jobless. but hey, if that happens, hair grows, right?

The best that can happen? Well the possibilities are endless, but Ian Somerhalder personally flying in  to ask me to join his foundation‘s marketing team has crossed my mind… #justsaying it could happen! Okay!

Anyway, just remember – even if no-one else understands what you’re doing, if no-one sees what you’re working for and if everyone is telling you to give up and do something else – hang in there. If you can see it, if you can feel it in your bones and it’s important to you just keep going. It doesn’t matter if it takes two months, two years or even longer. What matters is that you want it, you see it, and every day you that you wake up you do something that brings you closer to it. Even if it’s just one small step at a time. Persistence  always pay off. unless you’re a stalker – in which case you will just get a restraining order taken out on you.

And if you finally get there and find you want something else – so what?! At least you did it. HAIR GROWS. Nothing stays the same forever. Not one single thing. So let it go, or hang on to it, but don’t give up – either way.

Everything is going  to be OKAY.






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