Turn off and turn on

This is a quick one, which I am sending you from my phone, so bear with me!

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Cape Town. I came for the WiFi only to realize I left my laptop charger behind. It’s old and doesn’t operate if not plugged in. But in retrospect I’m glad I left it behind. Because I’m on holiday for only 2 days, and why the fuck should I be working, anyway?

We are all obsessed with work and study (me especially) and it’s actually really fucking important to put the freaking laptop down occasionally! I can’t remember the last time I turned off my phone or ignored an email.

But yesterday driving up to Stellenbosch with my favorite 20 year old and his mate, I realized that they have something all figured out that I have completely forgotten: how to live in the moment. Without plans or direction so much as idealism and desire for good things. The only direction being the band we’re all off to see tonight.

I thought about it while furiously replying to work emails last night. When last did I live the life I have instead of using it to peruse my ambition? Not for a long time.

Not that I am going to give up my ambitions. Far from it. But I am going too take this day off seriously. Thank goodness the universe (or my sub conscious) had me leave the charger behind!

I started by taking a train . Something I have never done alone before.Then I walked around in an unfamiliar city and later I might even catch a my city bus. I’m going to talk to random strangers and really just BE here.

This is my challenge to all of you. Turn off everything and turn on your own self. BE like a 20 year old.

Take a fucking day off. Turn your fucking email off. Put the fucking phone on silent. Chill the fuck out.Do something fucking different. BE where the fuck you are. Enjoy it. Live it. Do it. You fucking deserve it.


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