Sink or Swim

I was sitting watching my six year old in the pool at swimming lessons the other day, when I had thought.

He is learning how to swim, but not quite there yet. His body is perfectly able to complete all of the moves. His instructors have shown him everything he needs to know to be able glide through the water. He has all of the information, and he has the ability. All he lacks is the knowledge that he can do it. He doesn’t yet have the confidence to trust himself, take a deep breath, and swim.

Just like so many of us. In fact, just like ALL of us, save a remarkable few.

I can’t count how many people I know who have the skills and ability and all the information they need to do anything they want to do. To live the life they dream of. What they lack is the confidence in themselves. It’s all about mind over matter. The child who can’t swim today and suddenly get’s it tomorrow is the same child. He has the same information, the same body and almost the same amount of practice on the day before and the day after he learns to swim alone. But the confidence, the self knowledge, is what makes the difference between swimming and drowning.

I am not saying everyone must quit their day jobs and run after their dreams (well, I am a little bit, but not entirely). You must, of course, make sure that you have gone to the necessary lengths to gain the knowledge and ability you need to move forwards. It’s no good being a formula one racer and crashing an airplane. Sure, you have the same opposable thumbs as a pilot. You are good at working with fast moving modes of transport.But some common sense wouldn’t kill you. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Know thyself

Make sure you know what your skills and abilities are before you set out. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. You may be surprised by how much that is.

Anyone who can read and has internet access can learn to do just about anything, or at least learn enough about it to get started in the right direction. Hell, I myself even learned how to curl my hair with a flat iron just through a You Tube tutorial. It was very liberating. I feel I am ready to take on the world now.

(forget what’s true) Believe what’s good for you

Ages and ages ago I read a story about a two people who got lost in the snow. The one guy prayed for help to come. The other mocked him saying there was no God. He wanted to give up and sit down, but the believing man urged him to keep walking. A short while later, out of the blue, a band of indigenous sled type people found them and led them to safety. The first guy says “I told you God would save us!”. The second guy says “God didn’t save us, those people did.”.It was just a matter of perspective. The believing man may not have had the strength to carry on without his faith. It saved him. It helped him. It was good for him.

The second guy’s need to believe what was “right” to his mind rather than what was good for him, may have been the reason he would have been the first to give up, stop walking and freeze to death.  He is also just a pessimistic dipshit, obviously.

Anyway – I digress. The long and short of it is this: What happens in your head can save you or it can destroy you.

You have the same physical, mental and emotional ability as billions of other people out there. IN fact if you are reading this then you also have internet access and have the power of information at your finger tips. All you need now is to believe in yourself. Really believe, have faith. Choose to believe in what is good for you and your soul. Swim.



(Thank you Tim Marshall for your photo via Stocksnap)





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