What is this blog about?

Its all about the love.

It’s all about random thought…

The love of Random thoughts that pass through my head like butterflies that flit and are gone again. This is their home, where there is always somewhere for them to play.

Its about the random things I see that make me happy. The little things that give me hope.

It is about the magic in the everyday.

I want to share the thoughts that give me joy and the ones that just plain amuse me.

I have considered opening an evil twin account, maybe I will call it “stuff that pisses me off beyond all reason” I am sure it would be funny, perhaps cleverer than the happy posts, But I think there are enough people talking about what is wrong with the world, so for now I am focusing my attention on what makes my day, and not what breaks it.

I think, therefore I am… writing.

I hope that somewhere in here you will find a smile. I also hope that at least once or twice you will think “how random”. If you find your self smiling and wondering at the randomness then I have achieved my goal here.


One last thing, a disclaimer if you will: Make My Day is not a reflection of my professional writing skill. Make My Day is the love child of my whimsical side and my anarchistic streak.

For a better look at my professional portfolio please visit https://portfolioakp.wordpress.com/ 


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