Bedtime Poem for Faith

Dear Sweetheart,

This is just a note to say

You are a very special person

Everything you ever do

You do with love and care

From drawing me a picture to rubbing peanut butter in your little brothers hair

I hope you will always remember

That no matter what you do

It will always be the right thing

If to your heart you’re true.

Dear Sweetest little sugar plumb

I just want to shout!

You are a bright and shining light

Don’t ever put it out!

Every time you give a hug or smile

Or become a ferocious crocodile and scare me so I jump a mile

I know that it is really you

Your inside self that’s shining through.

You might be a little naughty

Or sometimes make mistakes

But I know you’re not pretending, that’s really you, and that’s great!

Dear Rock Star Princess

You truly blow my mind!

You are the coolest Rockette Star Idols could ever hope to find!

You make up all your lyrics

The music is your own

You created the first ever ballad about a summers day snow cone!

Your brother ate your microphone

But that won’t put your fire out,

‘cause jumping around and smashing stuff is what punk rocks all about!

I hope you will always remember

The way to write a song,

Just open up, look in your heart

And let the words fall out.

Dear Serious young lady

There is no need to pout

I know you’re feeling fed up

Because I see your lips pushed out

I know you’re disappointed that you didn’t get your way

But I know that you still love me and you’ll understand some day.

Dear Sweet and Caring Darling

Thank you for your concern.

You remembered your recycling and gave your juice to the fern.

You are worried that our kitty boy has maybe got a flea

And you even let your little brother drink some of your tea.

You are so very earnest

I know you really care

You take my hand

I see your face

And all the love that’s there.

Dear Angle Honey pie,

There is no other person

In all the whole wide world

Who could be just like you are,

You funny little girl!

You make me laugh, you make me sigh

And I wish that you could see

How ever so important you will always be to me.

You are completely amazing

Don’t ever have a doubt

You can achieve anything

That your mind can think about.

You are so strong and true and bright, and I love you with all my might.

Good night.


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